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Ana Maria, Merchandise Manager

"I have worked for iRun for almost two years as their merchandise manager. Prior to iRun, I’ve worked in the running field for many years, both in the retail side of it and also as a coach.

I started running in college, but not with the school team but with my boyfriend Gary, now my husband of almost 32 years. He was on the football team and in order to stay in shape he spent a lot of time at the gym and the track. I started to join him for track workouts and actually liked it. With Gary’s encouragement I started to run more and more distance and eventually signed up for a race. It was a tough 10K and I was sore for days, but I kept training. My next race was the 4th of July 4miler in Norwell, Massachusetts, where we lived. I placed 3rd in my age group and I guess you can say that I caught the “running bug”. I became more and more competitive and serious about my training. Living in Massachusetts provided me with great training and racing opportunities, but the big jump in my abilities came when I moved to San Antonio in 1991. I made great friends who were also great runners and challenged me to train hard. I became very passionate about running. I ran my first Marathon in San Antonio in 1992, and did better than I expected. The moment I finished that Marathon I started thinking about when my next one would be and how to improve. Since then I have completed 18 marathons including six Boston Marathons. My proudest achievement was winning the San Antonio Marathon in 1999.

I have competed in races ranging in distances from 5K road races to 50K trail races. Each distance presents unique challenges and I know it would have been difficult to overcome those challenges without the guidance of my coaches and training partners.

I haven’t stopped training since those days at the Boston University track more than 30 years ago and I am not planning on stopping anytime soon. Running is a huge part of my life as well as the rest of my family’s. Gary and I have two daughters who are also runners. Our happiest moments are when we get together and go on a family run. We have had the opportunity to do this in many places around the world. I am older and slower now but still very passionate about running and grateful that I work in the field that fuels that passion."

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My Favorite Things

Favorite Place to Run - National Seashore, Truro, Massachusetts

Favorite Race Fuel - Huma Gels, Clif Blocks

Favorite Running Shoe - I switch around based on my workouts.

Favorite Post-Race Meal and Where - Egg and potato tacos from the closest place I can get to

Favorite Running Quote - Not a running quote but it applies: “never, never, never give up” Sir Winston Churchill

Favorite Race - Boston Marathon

Favorite Distance - 10K

Favorite Apparel - I favor Moving Comfort, Oiselle and Nike. They are made with performance fabrics and have great style and colors

Favorite Workout - A ladder workout on the track or the road


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