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Annelise, Sales Associate at Stone Oak

“Do you think I could run distance?” I asked my mom one night after middle school track. “I mean I like sprinting, but I always see the distance group having so much fun together. They get to go out and just run. And they get to play tag.” That one question had more of an impact on my life than I could have imagined. Don’t get me wrong, the first few months “running distance” really hurt. I had shin splints, side cramps, and heat exhaustion. But after I found a good pair of running shoes, started drinking more water, and stopped eating the Salisbury steak in the school lunch, the pain gradually went away. And the weird thing was that track for me was no longer simply about staying in shape for basketball and volleyball. It was about that never-ending challenge to overcome any doubts and fears that may hold me back so that I could be better than I was yesterday. And having teammates with me stride for stride made all the difference.
At first I tried to balance the demands of long distance running with basketball and volleyball, but soon injuries forced me to choose between two sports that I had played my whole life and this other weirdly addicting, somewhat masochistic sport. Of course I chose running. It wasn’t simply about the seconds falling off my time or the runners high I got after a hard workout or race, it was laughing with teammates as mascara ran down our faces after a rainy day workout or eating excessive amounts of watermelon together after a hot race. I soon learned that running is more than a sport. It’s a lifestyle.
I continued to live the runner’s lifestyle in college, running indoor and outdoor track and cross country at Washington and Lee University in Virginia. My favorite race distance was the 1500m because it is a perfect combination between speed and endurance, and there’s just enough time to incorporate tactics and games into the race. One of my favorite memories was at a post-season race in Pennsylvania when I saw my time flash up on the scoreboard and realized I had beaten the school record in the 1500m by .01 seconds, running 4:37.84. I had had surgery earlier that winter, and all the miles to get back in shape had finally paid off!

Since I graduated from college last May, I’ve started to run more on trails rather than the track, but my love for speed hasn’t changed. I’ve also started to incorporate gym classes, such as Insanity, Body Shred, and Hot Yoga for general athleticism. I love sharing my love of the running lifestyle and general health and fitness with everyone who works at and visits iRun. Whether you already love “running distance” or can’t quite figure out what all the fuss is about (like me when I first started running), I’m excited to meet you!

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My Favorite Things

Favorite Place to Run – In town, I love starting at the Pearl and running south along the Riverwalk. West of town, I love Government Canyon because there are so many different loops with natural surfaces to run on.

Favorite Race Fuel – Either Blueberry or Cinnamon Apple Huma Gel. And of course Nuun during/after to replace those electrolytes. I love stuff that is all-natural.

Favorite Post-Race Meal and Where – Breakfast food! Especially the big platters from iHop! Nothing beats that for recovery

Favorite Running Quote - The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start. -John Bingham

Favorite Song on Your Running Play List – I don’t usually listen to music when I run because I love hearing the sounds of nature. But “Fighter” by Gym Class Heroes definitely motivates me to run faster!

Favorite Apparel – I’ve really been getting into Prana lately. It’s just so comfy!

Favorite Work Out - Anything on the track, especially 4 repetitions of 400m, 300m, 200m FAST!


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