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Each month we feature one of our staff members.
This month we invite you to meet ...

John, iRun Class Coordinator

"John Ruibal has been running over 40 years and coaching for 25. He is a veteran of 29 marathons including Boston, one in Boston and a satellite version in Iraq, New York, and Paris. John loves helping new and experienced runners meet their personal goals while having fun and staying injury free. He is big on recovery nutrition to help you meet your goals. John is a Registered Dietitian Board Certified in Sports Nutrition, from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. He loves to teach the benefits of performance Nutrition to get the most out of your workouts. His coaching style is a mix of Lydiard, Bowerman, Daniels and McMillan. John will tell you that he keeps the foundation of his training programs but will change them based on the latest coaching techniques and science. His favorite runner is Steve Prefontaine."

Favorite Things

Favorite Place to Run:
Quarry Starbucks to McAllister Park

Favorite Race Fuel:
Chocolate GU

Favorite Running Shoe:
Brooks Glycerin

Favorite Pre-Race Meal:
Coffee and a bowl of Ugali with Honey

Favorite Post-Race Meal:
BBQ or a good steak

Favorite Running Quote:
Emil Zatopek, the great Czech runner, " If you want to run a race run a 100 meters if you want to experience life run a marathon"

Favorite Race:
Clarence DeMar Marathon in New Hampshire

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More Favorite Things

Favorite Song on Your Running Play List:
I prefer not to run with music and just listen to my body

Favorite Distance:
Half Marathon

Favorite Apparel:

Favorite Work Out:
1 mile warm up, 2 sets of 6 X 400 alternating 5K pace with Marathon pace, 1 mile cool down


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