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Lauren, Manager at Stone Oak

"The joke is that I am too uncoordinated to do anything else. The truth is that I wouldn’t want to do anything else: I love sharing my passion for running. I’m sure most people would assume that my favorite achievement in my career would be my 4th place finish at the NCAA DIII XC National Meet in 2009. While that is certainly a highlight, and the team that helped me get there will always be in my heart, I get to fill every day with the best stuff yet.

Truly, I am not who you would want on your flag football team or in your pick-up basketball club. That is how I started running, because what else does a kid who can’t see the ball do? Pick me up and drop me on a track, though, and I am home. I can fly. Wings don’t fit on a court and they get in the way of a bat. Wings belong in the woods and pulsing with speed on a track. I didn’t find those wings on my own; I have so many people who stay patient, supportive, and hopeful for me.

What I hope most realize is that you have to grown into those wings. They don’t appear. They are grown organically with sweat, courage, and drive. Still, wings don’t disappear, and that is what I do now. I remind people that they can either grow their wings, or that they can find them again. Showing people that they can move or run is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done, especially when I can show them how to do it with less pain.

The biomechanics of movement has always caught the attention of my biology brain. If you don’t know me at the store as the uncoordinated one, you probably know me as the bird nerd. I love things that move fast, and birds look cool, sound amazing, and certainly fly that way! I have continued getting certifications after I graduated from DePauw University in 2010 with my biology degree, and I have focused so much on ways to help people learn efficient movement. It brought me to coach Good Form Running and the License to Run classes at iRun. I coach good habits early to those just learning or who need help figuring out the mechanics.

I so am thankful for the opportunities that iRun has provided to allow me help runners like that. Those proper mechanics have helped me run a 4:48 mile, 16:53 5k, and continue running even when it has been tough. My wings have taken me to so many speedy places; want to let me help you find yours?"

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My Favorite Things

Favorite place to run - Anywhere with dirt and birds- I love Mitchell Lake!

Favorite race fuel - Salted Caramel Gu- I’m beginning to learn why people love caffein

Favorite Post-Race Meal and where - Anything from El Mirasol or Aldaco’s- along with a recovery Margarita. And by anything I mean the Queso Burger. Period.

Favorite Running Quote - "There are no shortcuts to any place worth going." Beverly Sills

Favorite song on your running play list - Cardiac Arrest by Bad Suns

Favorite apparel - Has to be anything from Oiselle- their distance shorts fit so well!

Favorite work out - Anything on the track, as long as it is not mile repeats HA!


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