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Michele, Owner of iRun

I started running before my freshman year of college. I had always been in sports in high school and since I wasn’t competing collegiately found running to be a great way to stay fit. One of my jobs early in my career was at Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine in Fort Worth. I was the Assistant Manager at the Institute for Human Fitness. In 1986 one of my responsibilities was to coordinate a marathon training clinic geared towards first time marathoners. TCOM had rolled out their first marathon training program in 1976, way before you could find a program on every corner. It was an 18 week program. I was to coordinate guest speakers for Wednesday night lectures as well as mark courses for Saturday long runs, including pacing the group at a 10 minute pace and putting out water. I was probably running about 20 - 25 miles per week and had entered a 10K – once! I figured I could do this – why not, I had always been a decent athlete. We trained for the 1988 Cowtown Marathon. We had about 30 participants in the training class and everyone finished – including me. That was all it took and I was hooked on running. I did a few more marathons after that including 1988 White Rock Marathon, 1989 Boston Marathon and 1993 Grandma’s Marathon.

After Grandma’s I decided I wanted to work getting faster so I began to focus on 5K’s and 10K’s. I started working out with a group where I was one of the slowest to help push me in tempo runs and speed work outs. While I was still running long runs and a lot of miles I entered more and more races. Running became a huge part of my life. In 1992 I met Mitch, now my husband, while training at White Rock Lake in Dallas. Over the 35+ years I have been running I have raced at distances from 5K to 50K and sprint triathlons to Ironman. While I don’t really race any more, I still love to run, coach others, and see others share the passion that has become my life. Not only is running a bond I share with Mitch, but the friendships I have made along the way have become lifelong. After we were married, I left the healthcare industry and went to work for the Dallas area running store, Run On! Pursuing my passion, Mitch and I partnered with the owners and opened Run On! San Antonio in Stone Oak in 2009. Since then we changed our name to iRun Texas and we have opened locations at Bitters and 1604 and in the Dominion. It’s like doing a tempo run every day with a few intervals thrown in just to keep you on your toes. But I wouldn’t change a thing!

My Favorite Things

Favorite place to run:
There is nothing better than exploring new cities/countries on an easy long run. Last year we were fortunate enough to travel to England and Wales. Running the Wales Coast Path is definitely one of my favorites!

Favorite race fuel:
Hmm, I am pretty old school and mostly stick to water, but I do like Chocolate GU Brew for recovery.

Favorite running shoe:
I try everything but right now I am really liking the New Balance Zante.

Favorite Pre-Race meal:
Grilled chicken and plain pasta with a little olive oil.

Favorite Post-Race Meal and where:
Someplace that serves a good breakfast.

Favorite Running Quote:
The best competition I have is against myself to become better. –John Wooden


My Favorite Things (cont'd)

Favorite race:
Road Race: Dallas Turkey Trot 8 mile – not necessarily the race itself, I just like the distance.
Trail Race: Palo Duro Canyon 50K
Tri: River Cities

Favorite song on your running play list:
I don’t run with music, but if I did Ballroom Blitz by Sweet

Favorite distance:
10K to 10 miles

Favorite apparel:
Saucony Pinnacle shorts

Favorite workout:
2 Mile Warm Up
Fartlek: 20 X’s 40 sec Hard/20 sec Easy.
2 Mile Cool Down
It’s hard and fast. You get a great work out and feel fired up when complete!

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