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Each month we feature one of our staff members.
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Pia, Sales Associate at our Bitters Location

"I came into the running world kicking and screaming. I was a self proclaimed hater of running from my early years as a competitive swimmer where running was the punishment - being the worst runner on the swim team only meant I had to run more. No one ever believed, my former swim coach included, that I would become a runner later in life. My husband, Patrick, was my inspiration. Watching him pick up the sport, train, race brought out my competitive spirit - if he can do it and enjoy it, maybe I can too. Let the training begin! A couple of years on the “dreadmill”, (remember I’m a swimmer so I can do the boring, repetitive stuff with the best of them), and a few local 5ks and triathlons and I was feeling like I could do this running thing if it weren't so boring.

Time to join a group! Social runs at Lifetime proved to be fun and interesting but I knew I needed more structure. Let the formal training begin. During that Half Marathon training, the running bug bit me and the rest is history- I was hooked. My proudest running moment came when I was rounding the corner to the finish line of my first half marathon and seeing the shocked look on my husband and daughters face because they weren't expecting to see me for another 20 minutes.

After that race I continued with my new-found passion of reading running books and listening to training, coaching, and health podcasts, so when Michele Allen asked me if I’d consider working at iRun I …. hesitated. Why, you ask, if I loved it so much didn't I jump at the chance. Easy, after 16 years of staying home with my 2 beautiful daughters, Katie and Emma, I had some life changes to consider. After letting go of some of my volunteer jobs and making sure the family could fend for themselves a little more than they were used to, I accepted a part-time job at iRun in May 2013. Training, working and now coaching at iRun is something I truly feel lucky to be able to do. The people I meet and friends I have made enhance my life in so many ways."

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My Favorite Things

Favorite place to run: Town Lake in Austin

Favorite running shoe: Newton

Favorite race fuel: Huma Gel

Favorite pre-race fuel: Steak & baked potato smothered in butter made by my husband

Favorite post race fuel: A yummy burger from the nearest burger joint

Favorite running quote: "Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory.“ - Mahatma Gandhi

Favorite song on playlist: Put the Gun Down by ZZ Ward

Favorite distance: Leaning towards half marathon

Favorite apparel: Moving Comfort & Oiselle

Favorite workout: Hill repeats


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