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Mitch, Owner of iRun

I started running when I was about 14 to get out of the house and explore new places. I’d run all over town just to get lost. I’d get home and my parents thought I’d run away. My dad knew a shoe rep that carried the Nike shoe line so I always had a good shoe. Running was peaceful and always cleared my head. I was never fast but liked going for long runs. I started riding my bike more in 1984, then triathlons in 1985. I did Ironman Canada in 91’, 93’, 95’ and 96’ and decided more running would be required to qualify for Hawaii. Instead I found Ultras and a new passion. I met incredible people and saw beautiful trails across the country. I met my wife, Michele, in 1992 while running and I’ve been chasing her and our love for running since then.

My Favorite Things

Favorite Place to Run: Coast of Wales. Ran 21 miles with Michele last year and it was spectacular

Favorite Running Shoe: I have happy feet and can run in any shoe. Currently running in the Pegasus 32.

Pre-Race Meal: Sushi with Edamame and a glass of wine

Favorite Quote: "Don’t worry about the mule, just load the wagon" – Jack Allen. It’s not a running quote but to me it means just get the job done no matter the distance or conditions.

Favorite Race: Used to be The White Rock Marathon. I’ve run it 15 times. Now getting to pin on a bib is getting ready for my next favorite race.

Apparel: Split shorts and sleeveless tee

Favorite Workout: Wednesday afternoon at Stone Oak or Dominion. The Beasts



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