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Veronica, Sales Associate

I’ve always loved running. I remember being in elementary school waiting anxiously recess so I could get out and run on the cinder track! Although my middle and high school track/cross country running attempts would be described as "very average", I always loved running and being a part of a team. After taking a long hiatus from running during my college years, I picked up the sport again in 2003 when I moved from Columbus, Ohio (GO BUCKS!) to Texas. After splitting my time between long distance bike riding and 3-5 mile runs I decide to take the plunge and signed up for my first full marathon training program in 2010. Yes, I totally skipped that whole half marathon step! I thought to myself, "I can always drop down to the half if this does not go well…" I met and even exceeded my goal time for my first marathon and was hooked!

I wandered into iRun (formerly Run On!) back in 2011 initially as a customer and then later that Spring as a single mom looking to pick up a second job. If I had to work two jobs I definitely wanted to find something that interested me! Thankfully, Mitch and Michele took a chance and hired me. It’s been four years of fun filled weekends fitting customers here in San Antonio. I learn something new each time I work at iRun. I love talking to customers and helping people work toward their fitness goals.

Since 2010, I have run 8 full marathons, a couple half marathons, and some 10 and 20 mile trail run events. I have been training with iRun since I started working at the store in 2011. Having knowledgeable, committed coaches and supportive run buds has greatly improved my running ability. I love being part of the iRun family.

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My Favorite Things

Favorite place to run:
California!! Perfect weather…just me and the ocean.

Favorite race fuel:
Clif Vanilla or GU Chocolate Cherry. Hydration is mostly water then NUUN during longer, hotter runs.

Favorite running shoe:
I’ve been running in the Newton Gravity for about 3 years. My new favorite shoe this past training season has been the New Balance 980 (now called the Boracay). Felt great during this year’s Houston Marathon.

Favorite Pre-Race meal:
The night before a race, I try to eat early in the evening. Before Houston Marathon 2015 I ate Chinese food and a glass of wine and that seemed to work great :)

Favorite Post-Race Meal and where:
Cheeseburger, French fries, and a tall, cold beer!

Favorite race:
Boston Marathon! Walking up to the start corral during my first Boston in 2014, I was talking to myself (as all runners do!) and said, 'Wow, I can't believe I'm about to run the Boston Marathon!' I'll never forget that feeling...



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