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Meet Our Staff
iRun Texas
Corporate Office
Michele Mitch
Meet our friendly, knowledgeable staff who help you find the right shoes and apparel at iRun.  Our goal is to get you fit in the right shoe so you can reach your fitness goals. You'll see us at local races because we are runners too. In addition to our store duties, we coach iRun training classes. We love being fit, and we want to help you get to where you want to be both with the products in our store and our classes. We offer you knowledge, experience, and support.
Michele A .
Mitch A .
Stone Oak Location
Tina Betty Lauren
Tina B.
Betty V. Lauren R Matt  
Bitters Location
Monique Jesse Veronica Jesse
Monique H.
Pia W. Veronica C. Amanda B. Sabrina  
Dominion Location
Kelly Jesse Jesse
Jessie B.
Apparel & Accessory Buyer
Christian     Charlie B
iRun Mascot
    Trained by Run On!
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