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Setting Goals for the New Year
by John Ruibal, MS,RD,CSSD,LD

Setting goals for the New Year? Meeting your goal is about consistency and accountability, and the coaches at iRun can help take you from the starting line to the finish.

iRun has a great line up of classes to help you meet your running goals for 2015. Whether your goal is finishing your first 5K or qualifying for the Boston Marathon, we can help. iRun offers several great running classes like good form running, RUNFITT, and License to Run or License for Distance to help the beginner or any level up to the most experienced runner. Full description of all of these classes can be found at

iRun has dedicated, passionate and professional coaches. When looking for a running training program, runners should look for programs that have coaches who not only motivate you - but more importantly, teach you how to be the best runner you can be. This is accomplished by evaluating each runner as an individual athlete. Great coaches coach from a total wellness approach and not just a piece of paper with workouts and miles to run. When looking for a program, runners shouldn’t be afraid to ask about the coaches experience and credentials. Coaches should not only be dedicated accomplished runners but also have coaching certifications like those offered by Road Runners Club of America or the United States Track and Field association.

iRun builds training programs with each individual in mind. Everyone has different goals and iRun coaches want to help each runner meet their personal goals. You may be transitioning from being a walker to becoming a runner; to running your first 5K , ½ marathon, or marathon; or qualifying to run the Boston marathon. Runners should look for programs that provide additional information to make a more complete athlete. Good training programs should include lectures on injury prevention, heart rate training, strength training for runners, sports nutrition, mental preparation for your distance and good running form training to name a few.

In any training program, the important thing to remember is to believe in yourself, your coaches and the program you choose.
iRun can’t wait to help you meet your running goals this year.

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