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Arthur Newton's 15 Laws of Training

British marathoner Arthur Newton started running seriously at the age of 38 in 1922. A man ahead of his time, his successful training program dismissed the then current ideas on long distance training and invented the concept of high mileage training at relatively slow speeds. His 15 Laws of Training are still used by respected coaches today.

  1. Train frequently, all year round. What is really required is a little exercise constantly. This will benefit you to a far greater degree than single heavy doses at long intervals
  2. Start gradually and train gently
  3. Train first for distance, only later for speed
  4. Don’t set your daily training schedule in stone
  5. Alternate hard and easy training
  6. At first, try to achieve as much as possible on a minimum of training
  7. Don’t race when in training, or run at race paces for distances above 16km
  8. Specialize- train specifically for the distance of the race you are to run
  9. Incorporate base training and peaking (sharpening)
  10. Don’t overtrain
  11. Train with a coach
  12. Train with the mind
  13. Rest before a big race
  14. Keep a detailed logbook
  15. Understand the holism of training. Everything you do can affect your running so we should do our best to eat an appropriate diet, get the right amount of sleep, avoid excess physical effort during the day, and reduce your work stress.

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