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Running Movies

Looking for inspiration? Watch a running movie. The following is a list compiled from various sources including the minds of helpful Run On! managers and a 2007 article ion by Calvin Hennick.

Chariots of Fire
In this stirring 1981 Oscar winner for Best Picture, two British athletes prepare for and compete in the 1924 summer Olympics. For bonus motivation, download the famous Vangelis theme to your MP3 player for tomorrow's run.

Prefontaine (1997)
Without Limits
Fire on the Track: The Steve Prefontaine Story (1995)
Baseball had Babe Ruth. Basketball had Michael Jordan. American distance running had Steve Prefontaine. Doesn't matter that he wasn't the best ever--he was the sport's rock star. Both of the first two movies capture Pre's cocky swagger. The third is a documentary about his life.

Saint Ralph
In this 2005 Canadian film, a teenager sets out to win the 1954 Boston Marathon, thinking this is the "miracle" required to wake his mother from a coma.

This 1999 docudrama shows how Ethiopian Haile Gebrselassie became one of the best distance runners of all time.

Four Minutes
The story of Roger Bannister, the first man to break the 4-minute mile.

The Games
Adapted the screenplay of The Games, a novel by Hugh Atkinson, this movie follows the lives of four runners who compete in the marathon in the Rome Olympics.

Spirit of the Marathon
Six runners from vastly different backgrounds train for the 26.2 miles of glory that comprise the famed Chicago Marathon. Along the way, filmmaker John Dunham provides an informative account at the centuries-old race. Vintage film clips and thoughtful interviews fill out this heartfelt portrait, which also includes appearances by legendary runners such as Dick Beardsley, Paula Radcliffe, Bill Rodgers, Toshihiko Seko and Grete Waitz.

Running Brave
This movie is based on the true story of Oglala Lakota (Sioux) born athlete Billy Mills. Billy attended the University of Kansas in the 1960s, where he excelled in sports but had to contend with his fellow classmate’s racism. Billy’s athletic career culminated in 1964, with the winning of a gold medal in the 10,000 meters at the Tokyo Olympiad.


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