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If you need encouragement in your fitness program or if you'd just like to make it more fun, try connecting with other walkers and runners.

BUDDY UP. Not many people can keep up with nine-time University of Colorado all-American Sara Slattery. Luckily, two-time Olympian Shayne Culpepper happens to live down the street. Find somebody your own speed to run or walk with regularly.

GO TO THE RACES. Round up a group of your running/walking buddies and commit to participate in a local 5K. If you want to make sure you're in shape for a 5K, bring a friend or two and join a Run On! Training Class.

ASK A FRIEND TO BIKE alongside you when your running partner isn't available. Moms, kids love to go on their bikes while you run.

BECOME A RUNNING MENTOR. Once you get your neighbor, coworker, or significant other hooked on your favorite sport, they'll be counting on your continued support and guidance--and company.

MAKE A DIGITAL CONNECTION. Find runners online. Share photos & experiences. Try Run On!'s Facebook page.

FIND YOUR GROUP. Locate a local running or walking club. Don't forget the Run On! Social Runs. They're fun and they're free.

SOMETOMES RUN SOLO. and away from the crowds on recovery days. The faster runners on popular routes will make you want to pick up the pace. Alone, you'll be able to listen to your body and reap the recovery you deserve.


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