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Run Smart - Run Safe!

Subscribe to Briefing Now that Fall is officially here, the heat is not so bad, but you'll be losing light in the morning and finally the evenings. Now is the opportune time to reconsider several quick and easy to-dos that can help lead to safer running.
  • Wear an ID. Identification tags are available to be worn on your shoe or ankle. You need something that contains your emergency contact information as well as medical alerts in case you need help along the way.
  • Always run on the left hand side of the road, facing the traffic.
  • Never assume that a driver will stop at an intersection. Make eye contact and wave at the driver way to get their attention.
  • Before you run, leave a note or voicemail for family members. Let them know the time you are leaving and when you are expecting to be back.
  • Consider running with your cell phone in case you find yourself in an emergency situation.
  • Wear bright clothing that makes your visible to drivers. We stock shorts, shirts, pants, hats, jackets, and vests with reflective surfaces, as well as lights and reflectors to clip on your clothes or hat.
  • Save the headphones for the gym or a trail so that you can hear traffic on busy streets.
  • Carry a little cash in case you need to buy food/water or make a phone call.
  • When possible, run with a friend or a group

Staying visible and being aware of your surroundings will help to keep you healthy. Run smart and safe!

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