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Finding the Time to Exercise

Subscribe to Briefing We all have busy lives and try to cram work, family, and other commitments into a 24 hour day. Often we fail to take time for ourselves, but it is important to understand that exercise is vital to good health, whether or not you need to lose weight. Here are some ideas to help you make workouts work for you: Make exercise a priority. Schedule it into your day just as you would a meeting.

  • Get it done early. Exercise in the morning so that you are finished before any excuses can creep up.
  • Workout during your lunch hour, walking or running in the fresh air can help to keep you energized.
  • Find something you enjoy. Running is not for you? Then swim, bike or head to the gym. Doing what you love will keep you motivated.
  • Skip one t.v. show and add exercise to your day instead.
  • Make it a family affair. Go for a walk after dinner so that you can talk about your day.
  • Join a group and train for something. Having a goal and others to motivate you can get you out the door.

Exercise benefits every part of the body, including the mind. What are you waiting for?

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