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Cross Training to Improve Your Running

Want to improve your running skills? Cross train! Mixing up your workouts a few days a week can make you faster, stronger and less injury prone. Here are a few activities to consider:

  1. Swimming or Pool Running is a zero impact activity, so there is no stress on your body. You can use it as a cool down to aid in recovery, or as a workout to prevent injuries. Start by doing 10 laps (back and forth) across the pool. You can increase your time by adding pool running, which is done in the deep end of the pool with a flotation belt.

  2. Strength training just two times a week can increase lean body mass, decrease your percentage of body fat, and build muscle. Strong muscles are less prone to injury.
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  1. Cycling is a way to work on your aerobic endurance without putting stress on your joints. You work on building those power leg muscles as well.

  2. Yoga workouts provide increased strength, flexibility and balance. It improves your range of motion and can help aid in muscle recovery. Yoga also teaches you breathing techniques and patience, an added benefit for runners.

The Best Idea Yet: We have a class, RunFitt™, that is just perfect for cross training for runners. A combination of movements and exercises designed to enhance total body strength and flexibility of a runner, RunFitt™ combines exercises from Pilates, Yoga, strength training, 360 core exercises and balancing exercises to strengthen areas that runners tend to neglect. RunFitt™ uses running as the aerobic phase of this workout and will always start with a 2 - 3 mile easy run. Stop by one of our stores and find out more.

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