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Why Run (or Walk) a Race

Subscribe to BriefingSigning up for your first race can be intimidating, but the sense of accomplishment that you feel when you cross the finish line makes it well worth the effort.

Says running legend Grete Waitz: "There is something about the ritual of the race - putting on the number, lining up, being timed - that brings out the best in us.

Why run or walk a race?

  1. Having a race as a long term goal can be a great motivator. If you know you are training for a specific event, you are much more likely to get your weekly workouts in. Sign up well in advance of race day.
  2. Racing is a good way to measure your progress. Racing a 5 or 10K can actually help you predict your finishing times for a longer race such as a half marathon or marathon so that you can train accordingly.
  3. Races often provide opportunities for families to exercise together. Many events often have a “fun run” or shorter distance race for kids (and non-running spouses).
  4. There are people of all ages, shapes and sizes at races. Say “hi” and meet a new friend!
  5. Crossing the finish line and achieving your goal empowers you with the confidence to be successful in all of your daily activities. Nothing will be able to stop you!

What are you waiting for? Find your race on our calendar. Sign up today and start training!

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