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What Makes a Good Running Sock? Subscribe to Briefing

Do you have trouble with blisters, calluses or hot spots? The right running socks could be the solution to your problem. The good news is that at iRun we carry what you're looking for.

The most important factor to consider when choosing a running sock is material. Stay away from 100 percent cotton because once it gets wet, it stays wet. It is better to choose a sock made from synthetic materials which will “wick away” the moisture so that your feet stay dry and friction is reduced.

Running socks can also improve your shoe fit, and give you additional support and cushioning.

There are several different kinds of running socks:

  1. Thin socks have a minimalist feel and are great in hotter weather to keep your feet cool.
  2. Cushioned socks have extra cushioning placed strategically in areas like the heel and forefoot to provide additional impact protection
  3. A quality trail sock will not only manage moisture, but provide overall foot protection to reduce abrasions resulting from the twisting and shifting of your foot during your run.  Many hardcore trail runners prefer a crew height sock to get a little more protection of the lower leg from rock, brush, and bug damage.
  4. Compression socks are quite popular these days. They provide significant benefits to the runner, particularly during longer runs by promoting good circulation. 

You may have to experiment a bit to find the sock that feels best to you, but once you've worn technical fabric socks, you'll be finding another use for those cotton socks. They ARE good for dusting furniture & buffing hardwood floors.


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