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Why Train with a Group?

Whether your goal is to start running for the first time or to train for your next marathon, there are  important benefits to training with a group.  Here are some of our favorite reasons for training with a group in general.

  • If you have a group waiting for you, you'll get out of bed when you might not otherwise.
  • With group running, you get your own personal cheering squad. You'll get lots of support and give it too (which is just as rewarding as receiving it)
  • A group will pull you along when you're struggling, and hold you back when you're feeling too good.
  • Running is just more fun with somebody to talk to.
  • Lifelong friendships are formed.
  • It's obviously much safer to run in pairs or with a group.

iRun offers training classes for runners of all fitness levels who want to train for distances from 5K to a marathon, to develop speed, build strength & stamina, and improve your form.  Here are additional advantages to running in pace groups with an expert coach - like you'll do in our classes.

  • Pace groups make sure you're not running too fast or too slow.
  • You'll have a schedule and a coach to make sure your mileage and the intensity of your workouts are appropriate for your abilities and goals.
  • Your coach will act as a running encyclopedia at your side, which will help you prevent injuries and remain on target.
  • Training with an iRun class eliminates the guesswork.  You'll know how far and at what pace to workout to maximize training and minimize injury.
  • Your coach can also give you technical analysis of your gait and running form and help you avoid injury.
  • In our classes we provide expert recommendations for running gear, nutrition, and hydration.

So are you ready to get started? Join an iRun Training Class now.

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