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Training Resources  
training.gif (5718 bytes)"I still love those long runs on Sundays.  They're the mainstay of any training program.  You don't get results immediately.  It's like saving pennies.   Put them in a jar, and at first it doesn't seem as though you have much.  But after a few months, the volume begins to look impressive."  Robert Wallace in Runner's World Complete Book of Running

Why Train with a Class? Dressing for the Weather
Running - It's Good for You Stretching Your Limits
Walking is Good for You Too Resolved to Run a Marathon?
Map Your Run Ladies, Get Support (Sports Bras)
Race Day Preparation How to Get Faster
Improve With Cross Training Why Run (or Walk) a Race?
Keep Those Resolutions The Right Healthcare Professional
Newton's 15 Laws of Training Get Enough Sleep
Watch a Running Movie Recovering from your Long Run
Read a Running Book What About Socks?
Play in the Street (Fartlek workout) After the Big Race
Find a Local Race Running with Your Dog
Connect When to say when (in the heat)
Running in Hot Weather Hydrate: Why & How
Change it Up Hills are Your Friends
Eating Before & After Workouts Ice Bath
Find the Right Shoe Treadmill Workouts
Food is Fuel Minimalist Running
Be Smart - Be Safe Trail Running
Finding the Time San Antonio Trail Running Safety Tips
Pay Attention to Pain What if You're Injured?
Sharing the Trails, Roads, & Track When Do I Need New Shoes?
Recovery Nutrition How NOT to Hit the Wall
Training (& Eating) During the Holidays What's the Odometer Reading on Your Running Shoes?
Run from the Heart (February is Heart Month) Rock 'N' Half Marathon Course
How Much Fluid Do I Need? Importance of Sleep
Race Pacing Should Runners Lift Weights?
Beets Increase Endurance (Here's How) Setting Goals

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