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About our License to Run 5K Class ...

"I joined this class because I was not a runner and I didn't enjoy running but I really wanted to supplement my training at Iron Fit with some additional cardio. I had hoped to maybe improve a little and meet some people and be able to run a 5k but that was pretty much it. I never expected to actually begin to really enjoy running and start to think of myself as a runner. I still haven't run a real 5k yet but only because I haven't been able to find one that fits my schedule. I actually looked forward to coming to class and did the majority of my "on my own" training runs as scheduled. Michele and Mitch gave me some great advice on form and excercises to improve my running. I am excited for the next class and to start adding miles to my runs!" 2016 Class Member

About our Distance Running Class ...

"When I was running this morning, I was thinking about how far I have come under the iRun program. I am really proud of the progress I have made with you guys. In fact, I was talking to someone else in the group about our experiences with other programs and how the iRun training has been the best we have both had. I thought would share some stats:
Pre-iRun: April 24, 2016 - Big Sur Marathon - 4:36 (10:36 pace)
Post-iRun: October 22, 2016 - Battle for Helotes Half Marathon - 1:40 (7:40 pace)" Steve, iRun Distance Class Participant

“When I joined iRun’s training class last year it was after having run two half-marathons just for fun. I decided to run a full marathon and chose iRun’s training program upon friend recommendations. Because of the training, I learned that I had been running in the wrong shoes - not only were they a little too small for me, they were also for pronators (Apparently, I have a neutral stride!!) I learned techniques to get me up a hill more efficiently...I learned how to hold my arms while running... how to think about the position of my body while running. All of these things I never even considered... I would just run!

My mileage is significantly higher - I'm faster - I'm much more conditioned. The coaches that I've encountered – every one of them -cares about each of the runner's goals; even the runners not in their specific training group. The group training creates a sense of accountability and community. The runners care about each other and everyone is supportive and encouraging. I have already signed up for the next class!" Trisha, iRun Distance Class Participant

About our Good Form Running Class ...

“Taking this class was sort of a try-out for iRun's more extensive (and expensive) class on marathon training coming in July. Thanks to you, I'm now convinced that this longer class will be useful for helping me find another 10 minutes or more in my marathon time.”

“So I totally ignored your advice and applied the principles you taught us in form class yesterday to my long run. Shockingly, my easy pace time came down by a minute and 10 secs. I also felt like there were times during the run where I could tell the difference between midfoot striking vs heel striking. By no means do I plan on winning the Boston marathon, but I'm excited at the potential improvement in my runs. The stuff you taught us is definitely something I want to build on”

“Thank you for a great class on January 6th & 13th. By putting good form (posture, mid foot, cadence & lean) into practice and utilizing the exercises we were given, I cruised to a PR (1:51:40) in the Austin 3M Half Marathon on Sunday, January 19th. I recommend the class for anyone looking to improve his/her form and get more enjoyment out of running."

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