Getting You Fit

Did you know there is a right kind of shoe for you? iRun Texas has an excellent, educated staff that will help you find the right shoe for your foot type. Learn more about our 4 step fit process.


Our store is staffed by runners that are committed to your fitness success. We will ask you about your current activities; such as how often you run or walk, and what your fitness goals are.


Next, we will watch you walk! That's right, we ask you to take off your shoes so that we can look at your foot as you walk. This helps us determine your foot type-do you pronate or have high arches? We'll help you find out!


Based on our findings, we will bring out shoes that would work for your foot type. We watch you walk or run around a bit, and answer any questions you have.


After you've picked out the best shoe for you, we will gladly answer any technical questions you might have about shoes, accessories, and apparel.