Meet our friendly, knowledgeable staff who help you find the right shoes and apparel at iRun. Our goal is to get you fit in the right shoe so you can reach your fitness goals. You'll see us at local races because we are runners too. In addition to our store duties, we coach iRun training classes. We love being fit, and we want to help you get to where you want to be both with the products in our store and our classes. We offer you the knowledge, experience, and support.

Michele Allen - Owner

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario Canada
Brief Bio: We moved from Canada to upstate New York when I was in elementary school and from there to Maryland until I graduated high school. A week after graduation I moved to Texas, went to Texas A&M and have been here ever since.  I still miss the four seasons and I’m not a big fan of the summer weather but here I am, many years later, and I married a Texan!  I worked in health promotions and cardiac rehab for 20 years before going to work at Run On!, a run specialty store in Dallas.  That experience, along Mitch’s sales experience in western wear and manufacturing, and our love of running brought us where we are today. I have been running for over 40 years now and can’t imagine not. It is the best way to start my day. Through running, I met my husband, made everlasting friendships and explored endless places. When I’m not working, I love to explore new cites with Mitch, on foot naturally, running.
Most memorable race/run experience – good or bad: My grandmother was Welsh and in 2014 Mitch and I took a vacation to Wales.  We didn’t run a race there, but we ran miles and miles of the Wales Coastal Path.  It has the most beautiful scenery from beaches to coastal cliffs, unspoiled, rugged and breathtakingly beautiful.
If you could go on a run with anyone (living or dead) who would it be: Gwynneth "Gwyn" Coogan, 1992 Olympic athlete, educator and mathematician.
Favorite book/movie about running: Once a Runner by John Parker
Someplace you'd like to run but haven't yet: Bozeman, Montana

Mitch Allen - Owner

Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Brief Bio: Born in Waco, Texas, moved to Dallas when I was three. Went to high school in Richardson TX. Then moved to Salado Texas for 4 years. Then back to Dallas until 2009 when we relocated to San Antonio and opened iRun Texas.I started running in 1975. I knew a girl that was a rep for Nike, and I’d trade her western shirt samples for running shoes. My first “running” shoe was the Nike LDV. I tore my ACL in 1980 and my doctor asked me if I was a runner. I said no because I just like running and didn’t know any better. He said good. You have bad knees and won’t be able to do that. I have since run numerous triathlon distances, marathons, ultras and a few intermediate distances along the way.
Favorite Race Distance: Used to be the marathon
Most memorable race experience – good or bad: Vermont 100 1998. Had a mental meltdown at 50 miles, recovery at 80 and finished feeling great.
If you could go on a run with anyone (living or dead) who would it be: Michele Hawkes Allen. I’ve been chasing her since 1992.
Favorite book/movie about running: Forrest Gump
Favorite song to listen to while running: Break On Through, The Doors, 1967.

Kelly W. - Director of Retail

Hometown: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Brief Bio: Retired from the Air Force in 2011 after 23+ years of service as an Electronics Technician. I have lived in San Antonio with my wife, two daughters, son (and now grandkids!) for more than twenty years. I started working at iRun Texas as a Sales Associate in May 2014, promoted to Manager in Training from Jan 2015-May 2015, Assistant Manager from May 2015-Jan 2016 and Store Manager at Dominion from Jan 2016 to Jan 2022. I am now the Director of Retail for the company.
Favorite Place to Run in Town: Downtown San Antonio
If you could go on a run with anyone (living or dead) who would it be: Dean Karnazes
Favorite book/movie about running: UltraMarathon Man-Confessions of an all-night runner by Dean Karnazes
Someplace you'd like to run but haven't yet: BOSTON

Jess W. - Director of Operations

Hometown: Waitsburg, Washington
Brief Bio: I’ve lived in San Antonio for about nine years, and I still am not used to the heat and humidity. I have worked at iRun since the second day I moved here! I love being involved with the apparel and accessories at the stores. When I’m not at work, I am usually out running on the greenway or in our local parks. On the weekends, I love to get out on the trails. My version of a perfect day is an early morning long run with my runner friends, followed up with waffles and coffee somewhere outside.
Favorite Race Distance: 50k
Describe your running fashion: You can usually find me running with a Oiselle Runner Trucker hat (is there such thing as too many?) and a pair of Oiselle pocket jogger shorts. I’m also a big fan of Rabbit tanks and Nathan vests.
What started you running and what keeps you running: I started running for fitness in college (but I hated it – so boring). But, I kept running because I really like delicious food, and I discovered you get to see REALLY awesome places and meet amazing people when you run. I keep running now because it’s the best part of every day (even though it can still suck sometimes!).
Favorite song to listen to while running: I don’t listen to music while running, but I can’t live without my Shokz and a good podcast!
Someplace you'd like to run but haven't yet: If I answered this question, there wouldn’t be room on this page for anyone else’s bio.

Tina B. - Store Manager

Hometown: Denver, Indiana
Brief Bio: I have 4 beautiful girls, ages from 32 to 18 and 2 grandchildren.  I enjoy spending time with them - from shopping to all their new adventures their lives bring them.  I have been running for approximately 15 years.  I enjoy each run, long or short, running on the roads and running in the rain.  I love sharing my passion for running.  Helping others discover the fitness and health benefits that running can bring them keeps me running. 
Favorite place to run in town: San Antonio’s trail system
Most memorable race experience – good or bad: San Antonio Rock N'Roll 2019 half marathon. I was unexpectedly paced by Michele Allen and Betty Vance. WE ran, they paced me to one of my best half marathon times.  Absolutely an incredible race!
Someplace you’d like to run but haven’t yet: One America 500 Mini Marathon in Indianapolis Indiana.
If you could go on a run with anyone (living or dead) who would it be: 1st I would love to go on a run with my 2 sisters and brother back home in Indiana. Nothing too crazy but just to share my running highs with them!  I also thoroughly enjoy running with anybody and everybody that comes through our (iRun Texas) doors.  Slow or fast it doesn’t make a difference just getting out on the roads and sharing my passion for running.
Favorite race distance: Half marathon

Nita C. - Store Manager

Hometown: Merrillville, IN
Favorite running distance: Half Marathon
Most Memorable Running Moment: Napa Valley Half Marathon. Ran the event with 13 awesome members of Stroller Warriors Monterey, a running club for Military/military spouses. Hit a PR.
Favorite song while running: Amy MacDonald’s This is the Life (weird, I know, but it really keeps me going on hills)
Favorite place to run in San Antonio: Usually somewhere on Leon Creek Greenway
What started you running:I joined Stroller Warriors Monterey’s C25K program as a way to get in shape. I lost over 30 lbs, and fell in love with running.
Someplace you'd like to run but haven't yet: I’d like to complete a destination race such as the Dubrovnik Half Marathon.


Pia W.

Hometown: Born at Andrews AFB and moved to Wittlich, Germany a few months later. I consider San Antonio my hometown since I have lived here the longest.
Brief Bio: I am not a lifelong runner. I got into running in my early 40’s. Swimming was my sport from 7 years old through my first year of college.  After a LONG break my passion for the sport finally returned 4 years ago and I joined a master’s program.  I love how swimming and running complement each other, each making you stronger and more resilient for the other. It’s my plan to be doing both for many years to come. 
Most memorable race experience – good or bad: 2019 3M Half Marathon.  My non-running daughter was working the water station at mile 8. My legs were tired because I had been nursing an injury the previous month, so I had not been running much. Seeing her face for the first time at a race and stopping for my memorable photo fueled me to finish with a PR.
Describe your running fashion: Anything Oiselle!
Favorite place to run: Town Lake, Austin. 
If you could go on a run with anyone (living or dead) who would it be: Katie Ledecky, my swimming idol.  It would be my dream to someday go on a run with her.  I’d be hoping that she doesn’t run as fast as she swims, and we could have a great conversation on an easy long run about life as a distance swimmer.


Cristina C.

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Brief Bio: I have been working at iRun Texas part-time since the summer of 2017. I started running in high school on the cross-country team for Johnson High School. I’m currently an undergraduate at St. Mary’s University in San Antonio.
Favorite distance: 5K, with my brother Diego.
Favorite place to run in town: Friedrich park with friends. I mostly like to meet at 8 am at the Stone Oak location with Julie. Sometimes 5am at Stone Oak with the distance class.
Someplace you'd like to run but haven't yet: Running with the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain
Most memorable race experience – good or bad: I ran Austin 3M with hardly any training. Around the last 3 miles I felt like training for it would’ve been wise.

Julie C.

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas 
Brief Bio: I have been shopping and signing up for classes since iRun Texas was Run On! San Antonio. I started working here part time in January of 2018. My hobbies are reading, drinking, and traveling. If I’m not running, I love to hike with my daughter.
Describe your running fashion: My running fashion is “joe s$&t, the rag man," even though my co-workers would disagree. 
Favorite song to listen to while running: My favorite running music is old country music.
Favorite Race Distance: My favorite running distance is the 1K.
Favorite place to run in town: NOT Stone Oak... even though I only run in Stone Oak.

Betty V.

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Brief Bio: I started running in my mid 30's. I began that running journey for fitness and a healthier lifestyle. I am a mother of 3 and at that time it was my time to myself. I have met so many wonderful people on this journey and all have been so encouraging and supportive. I really enjoy working at iRun, helping others with their running needs. What’s not to love, I get to talk about my favorite hobby and hear stories from customers about their, not a bad gig!
Favorite running distanceHalf Marathon
Most memorable running experience - good or bad: I have two favorites - qualifying for Boston, and running it.
If you could run with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be: I think I would love to run with Meb. I remember crossing the finish line at Rock & Roll San Antonio and looking down at my watch and feeling disappointed in my time. He put my medal on and congratulated me and said, “ you crossed the finish line, you did great."
My two sons have recently started running, I’d like to run a race with them one day.
Favorite song to listen to while running: I do like to listen to music when I run especially on days when I am not mentally into my run. I don’t have a favorite song. My music choice depends on my mood that morning.

Suzanne B.

Hometown: Athens. GA
Brief Bio: I’m originally from Georgia, but for the last 7 years my husband Doug and I have called Texas home. We have 3 amazing daughters age 19-25. The five of us are always in search of new adventures! I have two pups named Kahlúa and Astra. While they love to dig holes in the yard, I prefer to spend time with them at McAllister Park. I’ve been running for over 12 years for fitness and fun. I started working with iRun in the summer of 2020.
Favorite running distance: Half Marathon
Favorite running book: “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall
Favorite song while running: 99.9% of the time I don’t run with music. However, that 0.1% when I do listen to music, it’s my Disney playlist.
Favorite place to run in San Antonio: McAllister Park

Jenn R.

Hometown: Las Cruces, NM
Brief Bio: I was born and raised in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I played basketball, soccer, and track growing up. I lived in Virginia for three years and now I am calling San Antonio my home while I attend school at Texas A&M, San Antonio. I love working out and lifting weights. I also enjoy being out in nature hiking and kayaking, which is my favorite thing to do. 
Favorite running distance: I am a sprinter at heart. So anything 400 meters and down is my favorite.
Favorite song while running: I love listening to Spanish music when I am running.
What started you running, and what keeps you running: I started running in high school because I wanted to stay in shape for soccer so I decided to join the track team. I ended up being pretty good at the whole running thing and I enjoyed it a lot, too. What keeps me running is the rewards that come from it. You get out of it as much as you are willing to put in. 

Christa M.

Hometown: I was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana, but grew up in San Antonio, Texas.
Brief Bio: Hello, my name is Christa Mireles and I'm so thrilled to be a part of the iRun family. Since I was in middle school, I've had a passion for running and other sports as well. In high school, I participated in a number of physical activities, like soccer, track, and cross-country, which all brought me amazing experiences and opportunities. Outside of running, I have a love for sustainable fashion and the arts, which has molded me into the person I am today.
Favorite running distance: It is short, but my favorite running distance is 300m, because I ran 300m hurdles in high school. Easily, in my opinion, one of the highest intensity track races there is and the most enjoyable.
Most memorable running experience - good or bad: I competed in a regional cross-country meet my freshman year of high school, with a cold, which was terrible in itself, but within the first 10 minutes fell to the ground and was trampled by a few other runners. I will never forget that race... ever. 
Favorite song while running: I don't have a particular song that I like to listen to while running. I will listen to any article of music, as long as it motivates me to keep going. But recently, I have been listening to alternative rock.
Favorite place to run in San Antonio: My favorite place to run in San Antonio is McAllister park, because the hills are so beautiful and it brings me peace. 
What started you running, and what keeps you running: The person who influenced me to run was my father. I heard the passion in his voice when he spoke about his past running days, and found a love for it myself. The love and excitement I receive from running is the reason I continue to run and will be the reason for years to come.
Someplace you'd like to run but haven't yet: I think running in the Italian Countryside would be quite nice or the beaches located on the Australian Coast.   

Mike D.

Hometown: DeRidder Louisiana
Brief Bio: I usually go by Mike. I love running and will be running g for a long time. I am in college full time pursuing a degree to become a high school biology teacher and coach. I have many hobbies like gaming, skateboarding, and running of course. And most of all, I love anime.
Favorite running distance:5k/1600m
Most memorable running experience - good or bad: My very first cross country race, ever, during freshman year surprised everyone (even myself) by placing 1st in JV.
If you could run with anyone, who would it be: 5k with Mo Farah 
What started you running, and what keeps you running: I started running because when I was little I was really good at this event called Mile in the Park and then just kept running ever since. I continue running because I love the feel and to stay healthy.
Someplace you'd like to run but haven't yet: I would love to run in Boston for the Boston marathon and hopefully someday will.

Amanda B.

Hometown: Warren, NJ
Brief Bio: I was born and raised in NJ and moved to Baltimore, MD for school. While living in Baltimore, I started running with friends for fitness and loved running along the inner harbor and on the Baltimore and Ohio trail. I moved to San Antonio in 2009 and was introduced to iRun shortly thereafter; that was when I really got running religion. I love the San Antonio running community and have made some great friends and memories through my connection to it, working at iRun makes it even more fun.
Favorite running distance: Half Marathon
Most memorable running experience - good or bad: My first marathon, the 1999 Marine Corps Marathon
Favorite song while running: It depends on my mood, but when I do listen to music its usually 80s pop.
Favorite place to run in San Antonio: Downtown San Antonio during Christmas.
What started you running, and what keeps you running: I started running for fitness and fun, that’s what keeps me running

Ariana T.

Hometown: Schertz, TX
Brief Bio: Hi, my name is Ariana Trevino and I’ve had a passion for running since I was 13 years old and haven’t stopped running since then. I recently graduated from ACU with a bachelor’s in Science and I’m currently in grad school studying to become a registered dietitian. I am very passionate about fueling the body correctly and empowering and supporting others to build a positive relationship with food that is equally as pleasurable as it is nourishing – for the mind, body, and soul. Outside of running and school, I love spending time with friends whether that be bouldering, thrifting, or hiking, and spending time outdoors to appreciate the nature around me.
Favorite running distance: 10K
Favorite song while running: Anything 80s or early 2000s.
Favorite place to run in San Antonio: Country roads of Cibolo.
What started you running, and what keeps you running: I started running in 7th grade and when the cross country season started I was always towards the back of the pack, as time went along I slowly started to get faster times and move up the pack. I enjoyed running with my teammates and meeting new people through the sport along with traveling to meets. Fast forward to today I was able to see my times become faster throughout high school and I was fortunate enough to run for Abilene Christian University. What made me stick the most with running was seeing how much progress I made from when I was just a kid and being able to push my body to points that I thought would be impossible for me. Also, the fact that running has brought me so far in life with the amazing people I’ve met, and the beautiful places I’ve run and helped me grow as a person overall.
Someplace you'd like to run but haven't yet: Oregon
If you could go on a run with anyone (living or dead) who would it be: My teammates from college.

Jonny F.

Hometown: Clinton Iowa
Favorite running distance: 3K Steeplechase
Describe your running fashion: I like to match, but also wear a lot of black and grey, so it’s easy. 
What started you running and what keeps you running: I started running to be better at soccer. When I started running and racing I never felt more free. While pushing my mind and body to it’s limits, I finally had space to think and process my emotions. Running centers me, but I also love competing. Running is when I feel the most myself. 
Favorite song to listen to while running: Hot Girl by Charli XCX has been a go-to. Anything super upbeat usually. Although I typically run without music.
Someplace you'd like to run but haven't yet: Flagstaff, Arizona
Favorite Place to Run in Town: I’m still exploring! Recommendations welcome. I love soft surface running. 
If you could go on a run with anyone (living or dead) who would it be: Frank Ocean (still living) and I would make him sing all his songs. So we’d probably stop a lot. 
Favorite book/movie about running: The Happy Runner by Megan and David Roche

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