Partner with iRun to meet your fitness goals regardless of your current experience or fitness level. If you want to run farther, faster, stronger or with better form, iRun has a class for you. Register at any of our store locations.

Class Features

  • • Motivational and experienced coaches
    • • Small coach:runner ratio
  • • Mileage or time-based pace groups
    • • Guest speakers
  • • iRun Class Running Tank or Tee
  • • Coached workouts
  • • 15% discount in-store at iRun

License for Distance Class

Our distance classes will get you ready for several distance events including but not limited to Texas Too Hot 15K, Prettiest Race in Texas Half Marathon, San Antonio Rock N Roll Half Marathon and Full Marathon and Outlaw Half Marathon. This class includes a written training plan and coached workouts three times a week. Designed with progressive training schedules, runners will train in pace-based groups.

Summer Class

Class Dates: May 15th to  July 10th at Texas Too Hot

8 Week Class

Coached Workouts:

Sunday long runs at 6:00 AM (rotating location)
Tuesday and Thursday workouts at 5:00 AM


$140 before May 1st

$150 after May 1st

Registration for this class must be done in-person at any iRun location. 

Fall Class

Class Dates: August through December
16 Week Class
3 workouts per week

Coached Workouts:

Sunday long runs at 6:00 AM
Routes: Rotating at iRun locations and destination runs throughout San Antonio

Tuesday and Thursday workouts at 5:00 AM
Locations: Tuesdays at Clark or Reagan High School Tracks
Thursday at iRun Bitters
*Locations may change based on workout.


San Antonio Rock & Roll 10k, Half or Full Marathon

Base Building
Runners must have a base mileage, distance depending on goal race


Returning Participant $230

Registration is not yet open for this class. Please check back or give us a call for more info!

Spring Class

Class Dates: January 16 2022
12 Week Class

3 workouts per per week

Coached Workouts:

Sunday long runs at 6:00 AM
Tuesday and Thursday workouts at 5:00 AM



Returning Participant $160

Registration for this class has closed for the season. Check out our upcoming summer class for more training opportunities!

Good Form Running Classes

Includes a video-analysis to help master good running form for any distance. A two-hour class that focuses on proper mechanics and aims to help runners of all ages and abilities run faster, more efficiently, and injury free. Designed with simplicity as the primary goal with principles that can apply to both running and walking. Be sure to bring your running shoes!

Fall & Spring Sessions

Class Dates: April 16th at iRun Bitters 8am

Saturday: 8 AM



Please register in-store at any location!

License for Speed & License to Run Classes

These classes are for all runners, beginners to experienced. After assessing your current running fitness, class participants are given pace charts for run workouts. Whether your goal is to finish your first 5K or setting a PR, these classes are fun for everyone. Classes focus on various types of run workouts to improve your speed including track intervals, fartleks, and tempo runs. Our goal is to help participants improve running economy and build speed and strengthen their core.

Fall & Spring Sessions

Class Dates: TBD Please check back for more info about these classes.

Coached Workouts:

Tuesday & Thursday runs at 6:30 PM

Goal Race

Any 5K or 10K


Early Bird $10 off (register before first day of class)